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As a private airboat tour operator with 35 years of experience, Airboat Rides Wellington provides the best airboat rides across the Everglades in Florida.  We operate across different locations in Florida, including Wellington and many more. Our boat ramp is easily accessible and easy to find. If you are in the Wellington area, we welcome you aboard our airboats for a unique and thrilling ride. Get ready to witness the best the Everglades has to offer. Discover wildlife and incredible natural sights like you’ve never seen before!

Enjoy the comfort of Private Airboat Rides in Wellington Florida

Not everyone likes to be stuck on a boat with other strangers. We understand your need for intimacy and privacy, which is why our airboat rides are private. We believe private airboat tours are ideal for you, your family, and your friends. It’s always best to tour the Everglades with the right company, as it makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. If, however you are a larger group, we can accommodate all of you to have a good time. Over the years, we have organized many tours for larger groups, including corporate events and many more. Are you looking for an office day out with your co-workers? No problem, we can take care of your group events. We will ensure everyone has a great time, making it an experience to remember.

Airboat Rides Wellington Florida: a Family-Owned Business

Being a family-owned business with 35 years of touring the Everglades, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to offer you a safe, professional, and fun experience. We never compromise your safety. To reassure you, our captains are not only native to Florida, but they are also United States certified coast guards. Furthermore, we all have Captain’s licenses issued by the state of Florida. You are in the best hands possible with the best airboat operators across Florida. We are also highly passionate about the Everglades, and we will always tell you many exciting stories about this impressive natural reserve. In other words, prepare yourself for a fun, professional, and instructive tour of the Everglades.

Witness the Everglades Wildlife

The Everglades is very famous for its diverse wildlife, most notably the American Alligator amongst many other unique creatures. It is our most renowned reptile, and there are so many different animals to encounter. Get ready to witness reptiles, unusual mammals, a plethora of birds, strange insects, and so much more as we glide along the swamps and marshes. We know the best spots for those animals, and we always maximize your chances to see them. We understand how important it is for you to experience as much wildlife as you can get. Be prepared to discover some creatures of the likes you’ve never come across before.

A Unique Airboat Experience in Wellington Florida

We believe airboats are the perfect transport for cruising along the Everglades. Airboat Rides Wellington offers a thrilling ride at high speeds across the swamps and marshes. Prepare yourself to experience a sensation of speed while gliding smoothly above the water surface. Airboats are both fun and exciting. You won’t be bored. We can also cruise fast and slowly, so you get to take in all that beautiful nature that surrounds you. It is your ride, your choice. We want you to have the best time possible. By the way, it is possible for you to drive the boat, as some of our airboats come with dual-driver seats. Just make sure to inquire about our dual-driver seat when you book your ride.

Book your airboat ride today

Airboat Rides Wellington operates throughout the year. You can book your airboat ride during both the wet and dry seasons. It’s your choice. Contact us to book your ride and get ready for a fantastic tour of the Everglades.

If you have any questions about your airboat tour, ask us, we will always get back to you with all the info and details you need. Also, if you want to know how to prepare for your ride, please check our Frequently Asked Questions. You will learn about getting ready for your Everglades tour, so you will be prepared and have the best time on your airboat ride.


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