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Wellington Florida Airboat rides – meet the Everglades wildlife

One of the prominent reasons people decide to take Wellington Florida Airboat Rides is to view the wildlife. It is no secret that the Everglades has many fascinating and unique creatures. After all, who doesn’t want to witness crocodiles or alligators in their natural environment? Coming face-to-face with those impressive creatures is something you should experience at least once in your life. We always make sure to bring you the best wildlife the Everglades has to offer. Let’s take a look at what sort of creatures you can expect to meet during your airboat ride.

Wellington Florida Airboat Rides main feature: the American Alligator

Alligators are one of the main tourist attractions in the Everglades and for a good reason. This fascinating and impressive reptile is always the subject of many conversations about the Everglades. Did you know our airboat tours will take you to those rare places where you can encounter alligators in their native habitat? We offer you the chance to observe alligators as they roam around the marshes and swamplands. Don’t worry. We understand that you want to see those alligators with your own eyes. We will always bring you to the places where you are the most likely to encounter those majestic animals. Rest assured, we will keep the appropriate distance from them. We will get close enough to see them, but not too tight, so you will always be safe!

The American crocodile: the other Everglades fascinating reptile 

Other than the American crocodile, another famous reptile you might encounter is the American Crocodile. People often confuse crocodiles and alligators, but they both have unique features that separate them. For example, an alligator’s snout has a u-shape, differing from crocodiles with a more pointed V-shaped nose. Alligators are of a darker/black color, while crocodiles are usually a light gray/brown color. Naturally, we will always point out those differences to you, as we know how to distinguish those two creatures. We are very familiar with those reptiles, and we will always do our best so you can witness them during your airboat tour.

Witness the Florida Manatee, the Everglades odd mammal

You’ve probably heard about this very odd creature called the manatee. Manatees are large aquatic mammals that live in rivers and shallow waters. They are herbivorous, which is why we sometimes refer to them as ‘sea cows’. Manatees can also populate in saltwater bays, estuaries, and canals. The best season to see them is between December and March, when those mammals tend to congregate in more significant numbers. If you want to witness manatees, make sure to ask us in advance before your booking. We will tell you when the best times are for you to encounter such odd and fascinating creatures!

The Everglades bird species – the Roseate Spoonbill

Like many bird lovers, we too share that passion for those unique feathered animals. The Everglades counts many different bird species, some of them unique to the area. One great example of a fantastic bird is the Roseate Spoonbill. Avid bird watchers often request this beautiful pink-colored bird, and we will do our best so you can witness it yourself. You can also encounter ducks, hawks, cranes, and owls amongst some of the many bird species. Get ready to take some unique pictures to expand your collection further! Make sure to tell our captains that you are interested in seeing the birdlife. We will take you to the places you are most likely to encounter and take pictures of those unique Everglades birds!

Get ready to meet the Everglades wildlife with Wellingon Florida Airboat Rides

As you can see, there are a lot of different animals to witness in the Everglades. Whether it is the odd and scary reptile, that unique mammal, a diverse bird population, and many more, Wellington Florida airboat rides have you covered. Our captains know where the best wildlife spots are and what time of the year is best to maximize those animal encounters. If you are interested in seeing certain animals, contact us, and we will arrange an Everglades tour that works best for all your wildlife needs!

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