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Airboat Rides Wellington Florida – All About Safety

Airboat Rides Wellington Florida will take you through the swamps of the Everglades, potentially encountering some creatures known to be dangerous to humans. There is, therefore, an essential concern about your safety. This aspect remains primordial to us. We ensure to meet and look after every safety point. Let’s go over some of the safety aspects primordial to your wellbeing during your airboat ride.

A qualified and experienced captain

The first thing you will want to know is that you are in good hands. With captain Wayne, you’re not just climbing on board with any random local that wants to make a quick buck. Captain Wayne is a native of the Everglades, and he has over 35 years of experience piloting airboats and bringing people to the Everglades.

Furthermore, your captain is a certified US coast guard, and to top it all, he holds a captain’s license issued by the state of Florida. You are looking at a qualified and experienced captain, a real professional who doesn’t ever take half measures. Let’s not forget that captain Wayne is also passionate about the Everglades. He knows the Everglades as if it is his garden. You’ll never get lost, and we will always take you to the right spots.

We always prepare your airboat

Our airboats are always in top working condition, but we never take this for granted. We always double-check our airboats, looking at specific criteria before each trip. We never skip on this, as your airboat must be in top condition to face the Everglades. We ensure to top up our engine continually and that it is always in top condition. We inspect for leaks, checking the lining, the seats, and all other technical aspects of the airboat. We also pack our drinks cooler so that you can stay hydrated during your trip.

Airboat rides wellington Florida animal encounters

When encountering creatures such as alligators and other impressive reptiles, we will always keep to a very high safety standard. Your captain will always stay at a reasonable distance that is good enough to observe but never too close for comfort. Also, you should know that airboats have the advantage of being fast and skim above the water’s surface. We can easily take off, and no creature will ever outrun us. We can also skim above most animals and plants at the surface of the water. Since our propeller is above the surface, it will never get stuck in plants as it could happen with a traditional boat.

Private airboat rides are always safer

Airboat rides with many tourists subject you to being in the swamps with a group of strangers. It can be uncomfortable but also exposes you to other people’s misbehavior. The great news is that we only offer private airboat rides. You will only be riding with people you are comfortable with, and we don’t squeeze you on a boat packed to the brim with other tourists. It feels better and safer, and it’s the right way to do things.

Preparing for your airboat ride

Airboat rides Wellington Florida are best when you prepare yourself. We always recommend that people come equipped with the right clothes and accessories. You can check our airboat preparation guide to find out more about what to take with you. Beyond this, however, we know from experience that different people have different requirements when adventuring in the Everglades.

We always encourage you to talk to us first by other calling us or using our contact form. If you have particular needs, knowing in advance can allow us to accommodate and prepare for you. Your safety and wellbeing are essential to us, and we want you to have a great time. If you have any safety concerns, you can ask us as many questions. We will always get back to you and do our best to put your mind at rest. We understand that touring the Everglades isn’t your average walk in the park, and we treat our safety accordingly. With Airboat Rides Wellington Florida, you are in the hands of experienced professionals and some of the best airboat pilots in Florida.

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