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Is there a best time of the year for Wellington everglades rides

It is essential to pick the best time of the year for your vacation. It can be a matter of budget, but you’ll often want to choose when the weather is good, so it feels like a proper time off. Florida’s climate is known for being hot, but the temperatures and humidity levels can vary throughout the year. Wellington everglades rides might be more pleasant for you during different seasons, so let’s look at Florida’s weather to find out the best time of the year for Wellington everglades rides.

The dry season: dryer and cooler

As the name says, the dry season is much dryer, less humid, and cooler. It begins in December and lasts until mid-May, with temperatures usually staying between mid-50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though this is the winter, the dry season isn’t exactly cold, just cooler than what temperatures are usually like in Florida. Wellington everglades rides are easier to prepare for as you won’t need to take all your rain gear.

However, the dry season in Florida is also the most tourist-packed one. There are more people everywhere you go, and booking Wellington everglades rides might require more advance notice. Don’t worry. Our boats have quite a few seats, and we make a few daily journeys. The dry season is generally safer as you probably won’t encounter big thunderstorms leading to the cancellation of your trip.

The wet season: wet and hot

Once again, the name says it all. The wet season is very humid and sees most of Florida’s annual rainfall. You will see lots of rain and thunderstorms, with temperatures often piquing to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This weather isn’t for everyone, but some consider it a more authentic experience. Seeing Florida during a storm is certainly a sight to behold, even though it can be scary.

The plus side of the wet season is that there aren’t so many tourists. Wellington everglades rides are often easier to book with fewer people around. This experience does work well for the more adventurous explorers, those that want a bit more action. However, it is worth noting that we won’t take you to the Everglades if the weather is too dangerous. As much as we love the authentic Florida experience, your safety always comes first.

Wellington everglades rides – wet or dry?

Wellington everglades rides will often get you splashed with some water. That’s a given. It is why we recommend you take a poncho with you. However, most people are better suited for the dry season. It mostly comes down to your tolerance towards heat and humidity. If you’re a person who can take extreme weather, we recommend trying the wet season. Ultimately, it comes down to two factors: your safety and your enjoyment.

When you come to Florida, you will want to figure out what you have planned. The dry season is perfect if you’re down here for relaxation and an easy time on the beach, with an airboat ride as part of the fun. It is hot enough and dry. You can have a truly relaxing time. If you are an explorer who wants to brave nature and enjoy the authentic Everglades experience, keep in mind that the wet season might be a good candidate for your adventures.

You can always contact us and ask questions about the Florida weather and what time of the year might be best for Wellington everglades rides. We will gladly help you decide based on your preferences and physical predisposition. Don’t hesitate to call us. We look forward to exploring the Everglades with you.

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