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Have a Perfect Work Getaway With Wellington Airboat Tours

Wellington airboat tours are always great fun for groups of friends and families. We always encourage you to bring those people close to you so you can have an intimate and fun time. However, no need to be close friends to take an airboat tour. We can accommodate larger groups as well, and throughout the years, we’ve learned how hugely popular work getaways have become. Getting everyone out of the workplace into a different environment can work wonders. Wellington airboat tours might be your solution if you want your staff and coworkers to connect outside the office.

Your coworkers will be safe during Wellington Airboat Tours

Safety is the most crucial concern regarding working getaways, so let’s get that out of the way first. Captain Wayne has more than 35 years of experience bringing people to the Everglades. He is USCG certified and holds a Florida-issued captain’s license. Over the years, he has brought many work groups out on Wellington Airboat tours, and they’ve all made it back safe and sound. Your staff members and coworkers will have the chance to view a variety of unique animal species while staying safe. Preparation is vital, so get in touch, and we can advise you on anything, including what to wear, to protect everyone from the heat in Florida.

See your coworkers in a different environment

While you sometimes organize little activities at work to break from the monotony of your tasks, those events are far between. They don’t always create long-lasting memories, and the sense of coming together often fades out quickly. You all need to go somewhere special out of your workspace, and what better place than the Everglades? Everyone can participate in the thrilling airboat ride and create unique memories you will remember for years. It is the whole point of office getaways: for coworkers to bond outside work and appreciate each other more.

Wellington Airboat Tours are fun for groups

Naturally, you will want the whole group to have fun. That is what most of your work getaway is all about. The great news is that Captain Wayne is skilled at working with various groups. Being a native of the Everglades, he never runs out of stories to tell you. As he gets to know everyone, Captain Wayne always ensures they are all having a great time because he is familiar with group dynamics. Wellington airboat tours provide you and your staff a fun and exciting ride while keeping you all entertained. Our airboat rides are the perfect addition to a fun-filled Florida weekend excursion.

Book your work getaway

Make the right call for you and your coworkers, and book your airboat ride with us. Wellington airboat tours are easy to book, and you will have the opportunity to share more details with us. We’ll make plans to have our airboats and captain available based on the number of passengers you’d like to reserve. Let us know about the dates that work best for you. We can work to get our airboat ready for your needs. Plan your work travel well in advance by making your reservations early. If you are considering it but unsure, call us right away. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure you and your colleagues have a great time in Florida.

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