Captain Wayne is a native of the Florida Everglades. He grew up near the Fort Lauderdale Florida area and has been piloting Wellington Airboat Rides since he was 19 and bought his first airboat. Wayne is a certified United States Coast Guard Captain with over 35 years of experience doing everglades airboat rides. He fell in love with the Everglades and its diverse ecosystem at a young age and decided airboat rides and fishing charters were a great way to show people worldwide his backyard, the Florida Everglades.

Discover the Everglades

Captain Wayne has more hours on the water doing a private Wellington airboat ride than any other Captain existing today. He is one of the original private airboat rides captains in the south Florida area. In short, Everglades airboat tours are his passion. He will always share his knowledge of the Everglades. From its history to how the ecosystem works, Captain Wayne will tell you many facts and stories only known to locals. More than a generic tour, you will come out with lots of helpful information about this truly unique part of Florida. Get ready to catch up on some knowledge with a true-to-life character for a thrilling and entertaining airboat ride.

A smooth and thrilling airboat ride

Airboat rides are very different from your run-of-the-mill traditional boat rides. While traditional boats can make some people sea-sick, airboats glide smoothly across the surface of the water. Airboats don’t roll around. It is all smooth sailing. People enjoy that feeling of speed while the breeze gently cools them down from the hot Florida weather. Airboats are great for the whole family, as both children and adults alike get to feel comfortable while being entertained by the Everglades’ unique wildlife and nature.

Wellington Airboat rides safety

Your safety is primordial, and we certainly don’t take it lightly. 35 years of experience means that we will always prepare our airboats before every ride. Captain Wayne will ensure that you have everything you need before climbing on board, and we encourage you to tell us any information about you that is relevant to making you safe during your airboat ride. As we encounter the famous crocodiles and alligators, but don’t worry, we always keep the appropriate distance. We won’t affect or intervene with the local wildlife. We stay environmentally friendly out of respect for nature but also to keep you safe. Captain Wayne is a certified US coast guard, and he also holds a Florida-issued captain’s license. Rest assured that you are in the hands of a true professional who will never skimp on your safety. 

Wellington Airboat Rides preparation

Our airboats come with a cooler and some bottled water to help keep you hydrated. However, we always encourage you to take your drinks with you. Water is always best, but your favorite soda might give you that little sugar to keep you well energized. Bring along a few snacks, as cruising the Everglades can open people’s appetites. 

We encourage you to bring some light and comfortable clothing with you. Furthermore, we recommend that you take sunscreen as well as sunglasses. Airboat safety is essential, and keeping you safe from the Florida sun is also crucial. Feel free to ask us any questions about preparing for your Wellington airboat Ride. We will tell you everything you need to know. 

Experience Wellington Airboat Rides with true professionals

Are you in Wellington or anywhere else in the South Florida area? Do you want to experience an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades? Join us for an airboat ride in Wellington, Florida, today. Learn about the ecosystem, the wildlife, and history of the old Florida Everglades with Captain Wayne today!

You can book your ride online, or you can simply call us. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, and we will get back to you with all the info you need to have a great adventure across the Everglades.